Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice for their Upset Stomach

Rice is one of the most popular staple foods in many homes around the world. Although this carbohydrate is customary, it has not always received positive feedback for pets such as dogs. For the sake of dog, parents let us get more information on whether these facts are true. Many pet owners regularly ask can I give my dog brown rice? Here you will get the complete detailed answer.

After doing a bit of research on big branded popular dog food, there is extensive use of rice as the main ingredient, sometimes as the most prominent carbohydrate, this includes brown rice. Upset stomachs can be caused by various elements such as stress, allergies, whether or eating something that does not agree well with a stomach. This applies to dogs as well.

The good news is that many credible vets have given dependable advice that it is safe to give dogs rice to help with an upset stomach, and this includes brown rice. It is said that brown rice has more vitamins, minerals, and fiber. When brown rice is cooked, the starch granules become softer and easier for the dog to digest and absorb. Brown rice retains more nutritional value compared to white rice because it does not go through heavy processing. The higher content of fiber within the brown rice helps dogs with constipation as well. At a cheaper price than regular white rice, brown rice can be feed to dogs two to three times a week and cause no harm.

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Brown rice can be feed to a dog that has an upset stomach because it is easy to digest and has slow releasing energy to keep your dog going while they are sick. If the dog has regular stomach problems then it is recommended to feed them brown rice, especially in older dogs, because it contains proteins that easy digestion too. This also covers the question of can puppies eat brown rice because they have similar sensitive digestions to older dogs. Also if the dog needs to gain weight then adding steamed brown rice to their diet adds calories which aid weight gain.

Can Dogs Have Allergic from Brown Rice

In very rare cases, dogs can have allergic reactions to rice, of any type. This is evident when the fur starts falling off, skin itches and infections, most commonly of the ear. One of the most familiar ways of preparing and feeding a dog brown rice is to boil it and add it to some chicken; both ingredients are remedies for upset stomachs. So to answer the question, can a dog eat brown rice; it is evident that dog parents can safely give their dogs brown rice for their upset stomach.